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TCCWAVE: Tidewater Community College provides wireless access to students and faculty in a variety of locations throughout the college. TCC’s wireless network is intended for academic purposes and students are responsible for complying with VCCS policies and guidelines regarding computers and information technology.

  • Right click on “My Network Places” and select properties.


  • In the Network Connections window double-click “Wireless Network Connection”.

  • In the Wireless Network Connection window you should see TCCWAVE on the right hand side under “Choose a wireless network”.

  • Click once on TCCWAVE to highlight it, and then click “Connect”.

  • You will see a dialog box come up as Windows attempts to connect to the wireless network.

  • When the dialog box closes it should say connected next to TCCWAVE in the Wireless Network Connection window.

  • Click the X in the upper right hand corner of the Wireless Network Connection window to close it.  This will not disable your connection to the wireless network.


  •  To use your Network Connection double-click Internet Explorer.

  •  Verify connection to the Internet by going to the college website at
  •  When done, simply shut down your laptop.  It is not necessary to disconnect from the network.