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How Do I?: Access Databases Off-Campus

Off Campus Login Instructions

  1. To access databases while you are off-campus, go to the TCC library homepage. On the homepage, you can select the link that says "Library Databases" OR you can select the link on the top navigation bar that says "Articles" and then select "All Databases."

  2. Once you are on the Databases page, select the database you would like to search. Not sure which to use? Use the dropdown menus to narrow down by subject or resource type.

  3. Once you select your database, it will take you to a login page. On this page, just enter the same username/password you use for myTCC. If you see a different login page from the one pictured below, please contact the reference desk for your campus.

  4. Once you have entered that, it should take you through to your database!

Note: Some databases might provide a security warning when you try to access them. These databases are safe to access. Please follow the instructions to access these resources based on your web browser:

If you are still unable to access the database, please contact the reference desk for your campus.

What Do I Do if my MyTCC Login Doesn't Work?

 Step 1:   Enable Cookies.

Here are specific directions on how to enable cookies.

Step 2: Turn off Firewall.
Step 3: Click into several different databases.
Try to click into other databases in order to determine whether the issue is your login or whether it is that specific database. 
Step 4:  Call Us.  
If you are still unable to access databases, just call the Electronic Resource Librarian. Her name is Jacque Dessino, and her number is 757.822.2646 or