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Remember those keywords you generated in step 2? It's time to use those. Enter those search terms in the search box above.

Not enough results? Try removing a search term. For example: If our "poverty and minimum wage" search doesn't return many books, look for books just on poverty or just on minimum wage. Because books are broad and cover a lot of material, books that cover one of those topics will often talk about the other.

This search box will search our physical book collection and some of our databases. To limit your results to just books, select "Books and Media" on the left-hand sidebar on the results page. This will narrow your results so that you are seeing only books and not journal articles or encyclopedia entries.

Too many results? Try adding more search terms to narrow down your search. For our hypothetical search on poverty and minimum wage, if we are getting too many results, we may want to narrow that down. Searching "minimum wage and poverty and United States" should give us results that focus on the US. "Minimum wage and poverty and economics" should give us results that focus more on the economic theories relating to the minimum wage and poverty.

The catalog will tell you if the book is available, which campus has a copy, and where to find it. To find a book on the shelf, look for its call number (example: HD4918 .B45 2014). Similar books will have similar call numbers, so be sure to check the shelves around it for other helpful books.

Once you've found books on your topic, we can move on to Step 4: Find Articles.