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Start Your Research

Develop a Search Strategy

Now that you have your topic developed, we can start thinking about how to find resources to support the topic.

  1. Start by writing your topic down. (Example: Does raising the minimum wage reduce poverty?)
  2. Pick out the two or three main keywords from your topic (Example: minimum wage, poverty). These will be what you use to start searching
  3. Think about potential synonyms or similar ideas for your keywords that might also be used to describe your topic. You can use these if your initial search doesn't give you many good results. Some topics might not have obvious synonyms, but you can think of similar topics to explore if your initial search doesn't give you enough. (Example: If you don't get many results for minimum wage and poverty, you might also want to look into living wages and standards of living).

    Once you've got your keywords generated, we can move on to Step 3: Find Books.