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Chesapeake Campus Library: Displays & Events, Current

What's New in Chesapeake?

Current Year Displays and Events

Recent Displays and Events are located on the Displays and Events tab, drop-down menu under the appropriate annual archive.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Dates


11/26 (noon)-12/1  Thanksgiving Holiday
12/13                       Last day of Fall Semester

12/23-1/1/20            College Closed for Holidays

Image:  Happy Fall

Current Displays & Events

Image:  Display for Native American Heritage Month, Nov. 2019

"From generation to generation, American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) handed down invaluable cultural knowledge and rich traditions in art, folk tales, literature, religion, language and American history, which continue to thrive in AI/AN communities and across our country today. AI/ANs also have served in the U.S. Armed Forces with honor and distinction, defending the security of our Nation with their lives. Historically, AI/ANs have the highest record of service per capita compared to other ethnic groups."   US Department of Veteran’s Affairs:

Library Display:  Biographies / Life Stories

Life Stories -- Biographies & Autobiographies

History repeats itself only in that, from afar, we all seem to lead exactly the same life. We are all born; we all spend time here on earth; we all die. But up close, we have each walked down our own separate paths. We have stood at our own lonely crossroads. We have touched the lives of others at crucial points, for better or for worse. In the end, each of us has lived a unique life story, astounding and complicated, a story that could never be repeated.  ~ Edward Bloor  (American novelist and playwright, best known for Tangerine and London Calling.

Current Displays & Events 

Image:  Display for National Aviation History Month, November 2019

"According to the Government Printing Office, 'National Aviation History Month is dedicated to exploring, recognizing and celebrating America’s great contributions and achievements in the development of aviation. Aviation history refers to the history of development of mechanical flight — from the earliest attempts in kites and gliders to powered heavier-than-air, supersonic and space flights.' ”

Image:  Display_New DVDs, 2.2019

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