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JUL Operating Manual

Systems Overview

Between VCCS, CoVB, TCC, and VBPL, there are several technological systems that keep the library running and staff engaged with their larger organizations. Below lists some of those systems, a brief description, and their purpose. All privacy policies protecting personal information established by the authorizing agency must be strictly followed by users whether City or College.


SharePoint is TCC's staff intranet and is only available to TCC staff. 

Safeguarding Personal Information (Paraphrased from 5/4/2016 email to all TCC staff from Curt Aasen)

TCC Policy 1104 (Privacy) restricts the emailing of personal information (PI). The policy states:

“Authorized data files that contain PI and that need to be shared with other employees in the conduct of their assigned job responsibilities will be stored in a ‘shared directory’ such that access is controlled through the college’s centrally managed network security procedures.”

In order to be in compliance with Policy 1104, the transmission of PI should only be through the Secure File Transfer app or established Q-drive procedures.

TechLogic is the company that provides main circulation services to the JUL. The products that we use in the building include: 

  • Automated checkout centers
  • Circulation stations with antenna
  • CircIT software
  • Automated Materials Handler
  • RFID inventory system 
  • Security gates

iTeam is the TCC computer management program.

PQAdmin is the staff management side. TCC librarians have access to PQAdmin to document patron information and log ons.

DeskQuest is the name of the log in interface.

The JUL's Facebook page highlights special events, programs, services, collections, and other topics relevant to JUL users.

The Social Media Organization Group is Sydney Gordon and Cleo Robertson. 

K9 software is used on the computers in the youth fiction section of the children’s room. This software is purchased by Virginia Beach Public Library in order to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act guidelines regarding the blocking of websites that are inappropriate for children. Because this software largely uses text in order to block sites, it cannot be assumed that every website that is questionable will be blocked. Staff observing sites questionable for children being used on those computers should report the site address to the VBPL Community Services Manager who will investigate and contact K9 if appropriate. 

An integrated library system (ILS), also known as a library management system (LMS), is an eterprise resource planning system for a library, used to track items owns, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed.Wikipedia

  • TCC's ILS is Alma. New staff accounts need to be requested through Brittany Horn. VBPL staff with Alma access will have to be manually renewed when their Workflows accounts expire. Contact Brittany Horn with your new Workflows expiration date so the dates match.
  • VBPL's ILS is Sirsi Workflows.

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