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Nightwing and more Graphic Novels

by Heather Fitzgerald on 2024-06-17T00:01:00-04:00 | 0 Comments

(Blog post authored by Dominique M., TCC Libraries, Chesapeake)

This week's recommendations for your TBR List


Cover Art
Follow the story of the first Robin, Dick Grayson, as he starts on his own path of crime fighting and vigilantism. After taking the name Nightwing, Dick realizes he has much to learn, from becoming his own brand of hero to dealing with interpersonal relationships. Give Nightwing a read; it’s available now!

Infinity Gauntlet

Cover ArtRead the story that influenced the Marvel mega-movies Infinity Wars and Endgame. This focuses on Thanos’ quest to find all of the Infinity Stones for a reason a little different than the movie. If you want a different take on the epic story, give it a try! It’s available for check out! 

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