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After Hours Resources

Storm visits the library!

Keep Storm happy and get your student ID card!

Photo of Storm TCC's mascot

"Storm" by Allison Treloar, TCC is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Student ID Locations

ID Cards

You can use your ID card/StormCard for just more than identification, you can also use it for other services. Find out how to manage and use your card on the StormCard  services page.

To obtain your ID card, go to the campus ID office after you have completed your registration with you photo ID and your SIS student number. Your first ID card is free. Replacements cost $10.

ID Office Locations
Call the campus ID office for current hours of operation.

Chesapeake Campus
George Pass Building, Room 1548

Norfolk Campus
Student Center, First Floor Information Desk

Portsmouth Campus
Student Center, First Floor Information Desk

Virginia Beach Campus
Student Center, First Floor, Room K-105D