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For Faculty and Staff: VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal

VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal

We are excited to share with you the new VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal, a catalog designed to assist Virginia public college and university faculty in finding and selecting open and affordable textbooks for their courses in one place. The Portal is part of a wide-scale Open and Affordable Initiative by VIVA to provide no-cost and barrier-free access to course curriculum resources for students and faculty. The Portal contains over 200,000 titles from VIVA’s shared library collections, open access textbooks, and ebooks available for VIVA to purchase on behalf of public colleges and universities throughout Virginia.   

Important Notes::

The Portal provides access to both OER and commercial content. Commercial ebooks available through this portal are DRM-free and do not have concurrent user limits. If you are adopting content for a Z-course, please verify that the title you selected is OER.

The Portal is for faculty members at public institutions within Virginia only. It is not to be shared with non-faculty members. Thank you for your cooperation.

Once you have found a title you can use for your course, please let us know via the Adoption or Request Purchase links.

Questions about the VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal or other library services should be directed to your campus library. More information on library support for faculty is available at: