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For Faculty and Staff

Pathway and Program Library Liaisons

Library Liaisons

Library liaisons serve as the point of contact for faculty in a Pathway. In some cases, a different library liaison is linked to a specific program within a Pathway due to campus locations and on-going projects.

Please contact your liaison librarian with questions and feedback about library services and resources, including recommendations for library collections and assistance with incorporating library resources into assignments. 

For  more information: see the following guide:


Pathways Specific Programs

Arts & Humanities: Heather Fitzgerald 822-1510

Business: Heather Fitzgerald 822-1510

Computer Science & IT: Sydney Gordon 822-7801

Engineering, Science, & MathematicsCheryl Nabati 822-7581

Health ProfessionsBrittany Horn 822-7007

Manufacturing & TransportationMissy Comer 

Maritime & Skilled Trades: Mary Anne Glanzer 822-2144

Public & Professional Services: Bethany Wright 822-7543

ASL: Missy Comer 

ESL: Sydney Gordon 822-7801

Horticulture: Missy Comer 

Human Services: Heather Fitzgerald 822-1510

Interior DesignMissy Comer 

NursingMary Anne Glanzer 822-2144

Pharmacy TechnicianMary Anne Glanzer 822-2144

Social Sciences: Bethany Wright 822-7543

Theatre ArtsMissy Comer 

VAC Programs: Mary Anne Glanzer 822-2144

Veterinary: Brittany Horn 822-7007