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Faculty Spaces for Advising

Reserve a space for advising

The TCC Libraries have spaces for faculty use for the purpose of advising. Faculty should reserve these spaces in advance and comply with the terms of use below.

When you arrive for your reservation, please stop at the service desk to check in.




Terms of Use of Faculty Spaces for Advising

  • TCC Library Use Policy applies to spaces. 
  • Spaces must be reserved using the reservation system prior to use and can be reserved 7 days in advance.
  • To reserve a space, patrons must have a valid TCC ID.
  • Library staff will not provide information about a specific space reservation except to the person who made the reservation. This information is confidential and protected by College policy.
  • Patrons must reserve spaces under their own names and with a single email address within the domain.
  • One space can be reserved by 30-minute blocks with a maximum of 4 blocks (2 hours) per person, per day allowed.
  • Due to high demand for spaces, reservations will be automatically forfeited if not checked in within 30 minutes after the reservation block starting time.

Please cancel unneeded reservations.

  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. After 15 minutes, belongings will be sent to Security.
  • Spaces will be left in the same or better condition than they were found. Food is allowed as long as it is not a disturbance to others, and all food waste must be disposed of outside the room.
  • Spaces must be vacated 5 minutes before the closing of the library. Computers shut down 10 minutes prior to closing.

When making a reservation online, you agree to the Terms of Use of the spaces.