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American Exploration and Discovery, 1492-1607

To assist in the study of the American Exploration and Discovery period, 1492-1607.

Introduction to Topic Guide

The purpose of this Topic Guide is to assist with the study of the history of the American Exploration and Discovery, 1492-1607.

Image:  Foroyar Stamp

"Faroe stamp 226 Discovery of America - Kristoffur Kolumbus" by Þröstur MagnússonWikimedia Commons is in the Public Domain

Specific Call Numbers to browse:

E 101-135

Discovery of America and early explorations.

E 103-110

Pre-Columbian period

E 111-120


E 121-135

Post-Columbian period.  El Dorado.

E 141-143

Description accounts of America.  Earliest to 1810.


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