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Harlem Renaissance, About 1918 to Mid-1930s

To assist with the study of the Harlem Renaissance.

Introduction to Topic Guide

The purpose of this Topic Guide is to assist with research on the Harlem Renaissance, from about 1918 - Mid-1930s.

Image:  Harlem Renaissance and the Cotton Club.

"Cotton Club 1930" by The New Movie MagazineWikimedia is in the Public Domain

Specific Call Numbers to browse:

E 784-805

US History: 1919-1933—Harding-Coolidge-Hoover era.  “The Twenties.”


NX 512.3

History of Art—Harlem Renaissance

E 806-812

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administrations, 1933-April 12, 1945


PN 2270

Theater and Harlem Renaissance

F 128.68

US History—New York—by Neighborhood


PS 153.N5

American Literature—Harlem Renaissance (History focus)

GV 884

Sports and Harlem Renaissance


PS 508.N3

American Literature—African American authors (Collection focus)

ML 3556.8

Music and Harlem Renaissance


PS 591.N4

American Poetry—African American authors

N 6538

Art and Harlem Renaissance


PS 3500-3549

Individual authors 1900-1960


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