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Directions for Creating Side Navigation Guide


Directions for Creating a Side-Navigation LibGuide


  1. Login into LibApps
  2. Select and click on Research Guides

  1. Click on “Create Guide”

  1. This next step is very important.  All sections need to be completed.

  • Section 1: Choose a layout or reuse section. Use the dropdown box and choose “Copy content from existing guide”
  • Section 2:  Select the guide “Subject Guide Template”.
  • Section 3: Give your guide a name. During the switch over name your guide”Draft of” before your guide’s name.
  • Section 4: Write a short description of your guide. This makes the guide more searchable in LibGuides and on the Internet.
  • Section 5: Choose the Guide type: “Subject Guide”.
  • Section 6: Choose the group type: “Subject-Template”.
  • Section 7: When complete click on “Create Guide” button.

Categorizing your Guide

Step 1:       Locate the field for “Guide Title” (Remove the word “DRAFT” before publishing guide.)

Step 2:       Put a brief description of your guide – it help with searches.

Step 3:       Locate the field for “Type/Group”. (This field should be Subject/Subject-Template)

Step 4:       In the “Friendly URL” field, give your guide a friendly URL. (Example:

Step 5:       Locate the field for “Subjects” and make a selection. (This will indicate where the guide will be categorized on the Research Guide by Subject list.)

Step 6:       Locate the “Tags” field. Provide a few tags for your guide as well as the correct Pathway, if appropriate. Enter Pathway tag exactly as titled below.

Example of tags (Culinary Arts Guide): Public & Professional Services Pathway, culinary arts, HRI

Step 7:        In the “Friendly URL” field, give your guide a friendly URL. (Example:

                   *Click on each Tab and give each page a friendly URL in the “Page URL” field.