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Printing In The Library


100 pages for free for all TCC Students

All enrolled TCC students are allotted 100 pages of free printing per semester!  You must have your student ID card, in order to print.  

Printing In TCC Libraries

All students are given 100 pages of free printing!  Students and faculty must have their Storm Card in order to print.  Community patrons must purchase a print card. After 100 pages, printing is 5 cents per page for students. There is no color printing available.  If you need help with printing, please grab a staff member! 

The steps for printing are:

1. Send the document or documents to the printer.

2. Type in your student ID number.

3. Go over to the print station and type in your student ID number again.

4. Select the documents that you want to print.

5. Click print.

6. Swipe you students ID card in the card swipe which is next to the printer.  

View our official policy for printing.  

Scanning In TCC Libraries

Scanning in TCC libraries is free and available to students and faculty.  You can email the scanned object, or save in on a USB drive.  If you need help scanning, please grab a staff member.  

The steps for scanning are: 

1. Place you scanned object face-down on the scanner.  

2. Press start.

3. After scanning, go through selected prompts and decide whether you want to email the scanned object or save it to USB.  

View our Acceptable Use Agreement for Using any TCC technology.  

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