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Jewish Heritage/Holocaust Memorial Day


The purpose of this guide is to assist with research on topics related to Jewish Heritage Studies and Holocaust remembrance. 

white and brown star on brown tree branch

             Photography taken by David Holifield/ 2020 is licensed under CC-BY-ND

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Subjects and Keywords to Search:

Anschluss                                  Anti-Semitism

Book burnings of 1933           Christianity

 Concentration Camps            Cultural Heritage

Displaced Persons                   Ethnic Cleansing

Germany/Prussia                     Ghettos

Jews/Jewish People                 Jewish Persecution

Judaism                                      Israel

Medical Experiments               Nazi Propaganda

Racial Science                            World War II

Call Numbers

BM 45-BV199  Judaism, philosophy

D 731-835 WWII-1939-1945

D 839-860 Post War History-1945-

DD 1-(905) German History

DD 235-256.8 Hitler, 1933-1945, National Socialism

PN 56 Holocaust Literature and Film

PN 6110 Holocaust Poetry

PS 595 Holocaust Poetry, American Authors