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Renew Books Online

Renew Books Online

Need to renew a library books online?  No problem.  Follow these steps.  Please note, these steps only apply to active TCC students and staff.  (If you are a Community Patron, please call the library in order to renew.)

1. Click into the library for your Library Account.  

2. Login using your MyTCC username and password.

3. Click on the Loans option.

4. Click renew.  

5. (If the book says Not Renewable, it means that is is extra overdue.  You will need to call the library to see if it is able to continue to be renewed.)



Request Books From Other Campuses

Do you want a books from another TCC campus but don't want to drive all the way out there to get it?  No problem.  TCC shares books between campus.  

Please note: Intercampus loan is available to TCC students, faculty and staff only.  Community patrons must request books through a TCC library staff member.  

Here is how you request a books form another library:

1. Search for books, and click into the one you want to request: Click Into Book You want to request


2. Click on Sign In and sign in with your MyTCC username and password.  Click On Sign In


3. Over on the left hand-side click Request This Item, and then click the request link in the center.


4. Select the Pickup Location, and then click Request.

You should receive the book in two to five business days.

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