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Copyright and Fair Use: Research Guide

About Public Performance

According to US copyright code the copyright holder retains the ability to authorize public performance of a work.  This means performing, showing or broadcasting the work in a public place may be prohibited.  There are a few exceptions:

  • You are allowed to show or perform the work at home or anther private place for family and friends.
  • According to the TEACH Act works can be performed in a face to face classroom setting as long as they support the curriculum (the allowances for on-line classes are more restrictive)
  • Some educational videos are purchased with the public performance rights.  Companies that sell DVDs with public performance rights include films for the Humanities and Sciences, Annenberg channel and Ambrose Video (This applies to DVDs and VHS tapes, streaming media has different licensing agreements).  


If the use in questions does not fit any of the exceptions you may be able to secure temporary public performance rights from the rights holder.

If you are wondering about the public performance rights of a media item owned by the TCC library please contact the library for more information.



Some useful webpages on Public Performance

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