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JUL Study Rooms

JUL Study Rooms

The provision of study rooms fulfills the mission of Tidewater Community College and the Virginia Beach Public Library in their role of providing spaces for class work and lifelong learning. We provide rooms for use by those desiring a quiet study area or groups whose members need to study or work together. Pursuing this group work in an enclosed room limits noise that might otherwise disturb individuals engaged in quiet study or reading elsewhere in the library. Individual customers who prefer working in an enclosed space may also use these rooms.

The JUL offers 35 study rooms, seating 4 to 8 people, that can be reserved up to 1 week in advance. Each study room is equipped with a PC and large monitor. There are 30 rooms that seat 5-8 people and 5 rooms that seat 1-4.

An individual may use a study room for up to 6 hours per day. Check the schedule throughout the day as reservations can be cancelled.

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