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Latest Grant Opportunity from VIVA - Fall 2023

Dear Colleagues, 

VIVA is pleased to announce the new round of VIVA Open Course Grants! VIVA Open Course Grants are meant to support individuals and teams as they write new course materials, including test banks and assignments, curate a variety of materials together to meet the needs of a course, or adapt openly-licensed resources to help achieve pedagogical goals. (And if an individual would like to adopt a pre-existing resource for a single course, the 2023 VIVA Open Adopt Grant round is still open. The deadline is November 7, 2023. More information on adopt grants can be found at

Open Course Grants will be awarded in four categories: 

Content Creation Grants
Open Pedagogy Grants
Open Ancillary Grants
Large Scale Adoption Grants

More information about VIVA Open Course Grants, including a description of each grant category, can be found at VIVA now handles the publication work for content creation projects, including providing copyediting, book design, platform, and illustration services for awarded projects. 

Applications for VIVA Open Course Grants are due March 1, 2024, and are available on the VIVA website here:

To learn more about the changes to the VIVA Open Grant program and to get a detailed look at the application process for Open Course Grants, please register and join VIVA for a webinar at one of the following times: 

November 15, 2023, 11:00 am:

December 1, 2023, 1:00 pm:

As always, questions are welcome at


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