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United States History Research Guide

To assist with the study of the many aspects of United States history.

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E 11-143

America   (includes:
Pre-Columbian America, Indians
of North America, Discovery of America and Explorations)

E 337.5-739

19th Century

E 151-889

United States

E 401-415.2

Mexican War, 1846-1848

E 184.5-185.98


E 441-453

Slavery in the United States. Antislavery movements.

E 186-199

Colonial history (1607-1775)

E 456-655

Civil War period, 1861-1865

E 201-298

The Revolution (1775-1783)

E 714-735

Spanish-American War (1898)

E 300-453

Revolution to the Civil War (1783-1861)

E 740-837.7

20th Century

E 895-904

21st Century

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