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Architecture Research Guide


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NA 1-9428


NA 1-60

General (including encyclopedias and dictionaries)

NA 100-130

Architecture and the state (by country, state, city)

NA 190-1555.5

History (styles, periods, places)

NA 1995

Architecture as a profession

NA 2000-2360

Study and teaching.  Research. Competitions (includes special schools)

NA 2400-2460

Museums.  Exhibitions

NA 2500-2599

General works (theory and philosophy)

NA 2599.5-2599.9

Architectural criticism

NA 2685-2793

Architectural drawing and design

NA 2695.A-Z

Exhibitions.  Collections.  Museums. (by country and collector, or place of exhibition, A-Z)

NA 2835-4050

Details and decoration (lighting, décor, metal work, etc.)

NA 4100-8480

Special classes of buildings

NA 4100-4145

Classed by material

NA 4150-4160

Classed by form

NA 4170-8480

Classed by use

NA 4170-7020

Public buildings

NA 4590-6114

Religious buildings.  Religious architecture.

NA 7100-7884

Residential.  Domestic architecture.  Houses.  Swellings.

NA 7910-8125

Clubhouses, guild houses, etc.

NA 8200-8260

Farm architecture, agricultural structures.  Farm buildings.

NA 8300-8480

Minor buildings.  Outbuildings, gates, fences, etc.

NA 9000-9428

Aesthetics of cities.  City planning and beautifying

NA 9074

Pedestrian areas.  Sidewalks.

NA 9100

Collections of plans.

NA 9325-9428

War memorials.  National cemeteries.  Monuments.  Fountains.

KF 5701 and TH 223 Building Codes, United States