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TK 1-9971  

Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering. 

TK 301-399

 Electric meters.

TK 452-454.4

 Electric apparatus and materials. Electric circuits. Electric networks.

TK 1001-1841

Production of electric energy or power.  Power plants.  Central stations.

TK 2000-2891

Dynamoelectric machinery and auxiliaries including generators, motors and transformers.

TK 2896-2985

Production of electricity by direct energy conversion. 

TK  3001-3521 

Distribution or transmission of electric power.

TK 4001-4102

Applications of electric power.

TK 4125-4399

Electric lighting.

TK 4601-4661

Electric heating.

TK 5101-6720

Telecommunication including telegraphy, telephone, radio, radar, television.

TK 7800-8360


TK 7885-7895

Computer engineering.  Computer hardware.

TK 8300-8360 

Photoelectric devices (general)

TK 9001-9401

Nuclear Engineering.  Atomic power.

TK 9900-9971

Electricity for armatures.  Armature constructors' manuals. 

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