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ChatGPT and AI Tools Faculty Research Guide

TCC Resources for Information on AI in Education

The CFTE (Center for Teaching Excellence) Weekly Happenings! is a newsletter sent out from the Center of Teaching Excellence to faculty at Tidewater Community College. It is rich with information on resources to empower faculty, including AI. If you are faculty here and are not already subscribed you can do so by sending an email to

Dr. Heather Brown's Padlet Resources on ChatGPT/AI and Education is an amazing source of current and relevant information.

She also has another valuable Padlet entitled ChatGPT/AI Use Cases & Strategies in Higher Education.

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       Natural Language Understanding


       Conversational AI


       Language Generation

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

       Language Understanding AI

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

       AI Applications

Language Model

       Text Generation

Deep Learning

       AI Ethics

Machine Learning

       NLP Applications


Recommended Databases

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