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Joint-Use Library

Reserve the Meeting Room

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For additional information, please call (757) 822-7823 or e-mail

Meeting Room Guidelines

The TCC/City Joint-Use Library community meeting room is available for reservation free of charge to non-profit organizations. 

The meeting room may be booked as one large room for groups over 25 or individually for smaller groups. Each small room will comfortably hold 25 guests. Booking both rooms will accommodate 50 guests. The room contains 50 chairs and 14 tables. Groups are free to move furniture to best suit their group’s room use requirements. Groups must return the meeting room to its original condition within the reservation time.

Groups can request a computer, up to 4 large flat screen displays, a document camera (similar to an overhead projector), and a telephone. Presentation equipment must be requested prior to the program date, preferably at the time of booking. There is no cost for use of the equipment. However, groups must have a member available who is familiar with the operation of a computer, multimedia projector, and DVD player. The group will be responsible for any damages other than normal wear and tear.

Rooms may be reserved for a minimum of one hour or a maximum of entire day. Meeting time must be within the JUL operating hours and end 30 minutes prior to closing. Please include set-up and break-down time when making reservations.

Access to Wi-Fi must be requested in advance.

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