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Joint-Use Library




TCC Policies


VBPL Policies

JUL-specific Policies

Food and drink
While food and non-alcoholic drink are allowed in the library, drinks must be covered. Food should not compromise a comfortable library environment for other customers. This includes smells, liquids that may spill or leave residue, or trash that is left behind. No food is allowed in JUL classrooms or while using computers in either lab. Food trash must be cleared from study rooms after use. 
If asked by a staff member to desist food/drink behaviors, please cease immediately. 

Cell phones and other personal audio/visual equipment 
Using personal equipment (such as computers, cellular phones and audio players) that is disruptive or noisy is prohibited.  Cell phones should be set on vibrate mode at all times. Audio equipment may be used with headphones if it does not disturb others.  
While cell phone use is not a prohibited activity, cell phone users and others who speak loudly and disturb other library users will be asked to speak more quietly or to move outside the library. If asked by a staff member to desist behaviors related to cell phones/personal audio/visual equipment, please cease immediately. Two instances of being asked to desist may lead to suspension of library privileges.