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Graphic Novels by Neil Gaiman and More!

by Heather Fitzgerald on 2024-04-15T00:01:00-04:00 | 0 Comments

(Blog post authored by Dominique M., TCC Libraries, Chesapeake)

This week's recommendations for your TBR List!

Cover ArtThe Sandman
Follow the exploits of Dream, one of seven Endless, a group of anthropomorphic beings that live outside of time and space as we know it. Through his many tales, we learn more about the realm beyond what we can see, and the Dreaming, where Dream rules over. Delve into Neil Gaiman’s classic here!

Cover ArtRemina
What happens when the whole world turns against you just because of your name? This Junji Ito title explores the dangers of groupthink and fame. While there are supernatural elements in this story, the true fear lies in the psychology of humanity. It’s available for checkout!

Cover ArtTomie
There is no escape from Tomie. She can appear from anywhere, in anyone. Her goal is to drive people mad, either through obsession or jealousy. She can’t be stopped, and even if you think you’ve defeated her, she uses that to her advantage to spread her curse further and infect the world with insanity. If you can brave the world of Tomie, the book is available for check out!

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