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About TCC Libraries

Collection Development Policy

Selection of materials

TCC Library materials are selected through a cooperative process, with participation and recommendations by teaching faculty, librarians, staff, and students.
It is the responsibility of the teaching faculty to recommend purchases which support the courses they teach or offer supplemental support for their disciplines. Librarians solicit faculty involvement in developing the collection through interactive verbal and written communication.

Responsibility for Collection Development

The primary responsibility for material selection is held by the librarians (both professional and administrative). They are responsible for analyzing and maintaining a balanced, up-to-date, college-wide collection. Ultimate responsibility for the overall selection and quality of library materials on each campus rests with the Coordinators and Associate Vice President for Libraries.

No up-to-date, comprehensive yet selective, booklist is available by which to appraise a community college library.  Librarians select based on reviews, professional literature, bibliographies, peer institution holdings, and patron recommendations.

  • Importance/relevance to the College’s curricula/alignment with TCC Guided Pathways
  • Timeliness of information
  • Currency and accuracy of information
  • Availability of other material on the subject in the TCC Library
  • Recommendation in standard reviewing sources
  • Inclusion of the title in standard bibliographies or lists
  • Value/cost/quality
  • Scope and depth of subject coverage
  • Appropriateness of format
  • Reputation of publisher, producer, and vendor
  • Special features
  • Physical space requirements
  • Maintenance costs
  • Predicted use

Collection Types

When selecting materials for the general collection, priority is given to those materials that support curricular needs

The Reference collection is designed to meet the need for basic factual information, introductory or overview information for specific subjects, and/or access to further information and resources in support of the college curricula. If online resources provide the exact or superior content and ease of access as the print version, then the online version is preferred.

The TCC Library periodical collection includes both scholarly and popular magazines, journals, and newspapers in both print and electronic formats. Thousands of additional titles can be accessed electronically through resources provided by VIVA and VCCS.

Select items such as books, media, and articles may be placed on reserve by faculty members and library staff to enable short-term access.

Other collections can be added to meet the needs of a specific campus location.  

Material Types

The library is committed to providing historical, comprehensive, and diverse information. Hardbound books are selected for long-term or heavy use over the paperback texts. In selecting books, the major emphasis is on acquiring new or current titles, although important retrospective titles may be acquired when appropriate for the collection. The Library will always attempt to obtain the latest edition of a title except in rare instances when an earlier edition may be preferred. Textbooks are generally not purchased, but donated copies of current textbooks will be put in the reserve collection. In addition to the general selection criteria, eBook selections will be subject to the criteria for electronic resources.

When evaluating periodicals for subscription or renewal, additional consideration must be given to:

  • Online availability
  • Subscription cost
  • Indexing
  • Relevancy to the curricula
  • Accreditation requirements
  • Use
  • Availability through consortium agreements.

The following will be considered in addition to the General Selection Criteria:

  • Copyright, licensing issues, and ADA accessibility requirements
  • Cost/Value/Quality
  • Inclusion in review sources and recognized lists of best films
  • Current technology & type of hardware available in the library and classrooms
  • Online format(s) may be purchased if they meet criteria identified elsewhere for electronic resources
  • Curricular support vs. leisure
  • Public performance rights will be acquired if included in the standard purchase price

Electronic resources extend the collection to all students-distance, online, and traditional-by providing access to information resources outside the physical boundaries of the library space and hours. In addition, electronic resources can be searched and can deliver information in ways that print resources cannot. While the majority of electronic resources available at TCC are provided by VIVA and the VCCS, the Library will acquire electronic resources locally that meet needs unique to TCC. Selection will be based on the same criteria used for other formats with the added inclusion of elements unique to the format, such as ease of use, access methods, interface options, searching and information delivery methods, etc.

In addition to the General Selection Criteria, the following criteria will be applied to electronic resources as appropriate to the specific type of resource, for example, databases, streaming media, downloadable audiobooks, ebooks, or e-periodicals.

  • Online platforms already in use
  • Type of access model – subscription, purchase, PDA, DDA, EBA, etc.
  • The extent of overlap (if any) with other electronic resources available to TCC
  • Usability and ease of access
  • Licensing requirements
  • Download, print, and email capabilities
  • Importance of the resource to the academic discipline(s) and the level of expected use
  • Availability of a library acquisition model that provides access to the entire college community
  • Update schedule
  • ADA accessibility requirements
  • Availability from the vendor of COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
  • ILL provisions
  • Availability and adequacy of documentation
  • Ability to provide off-campus access through IP recognition
  • Ability to conform to library discovery platform, proxy, and TCC IT security requirements

The purchase of duplicate copies of materials is acceptable when there is a demonstrated need.

The TCC Library will accept gifts of books and other materials, as articulated by TCC Gift Policy No. 3303 Fundraising and Charitable Gift Acceptance. The Library reserves the right to use those gifts according to its needs. They are evaluated and added to the collection by librarians, using the same criteria as the materials purchased. Gifts become the property of the Library and must have no restrictions attached to their disposition or location. Monetary value will not be assigned by the Library, but is the responsibility of the donor.

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