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GC1080-1581         Marine pollution
GE1-350                 Environmental sciences
GF51                      Environmental influences on humans
GF75                      Human influences on the environment
HC79                      Special topics Including air pollution, environmental policy, water pollution etc.
K3581-3598            Environmental law
QC851-999             Climatic change/Global warming
QH1-199.5              General Including nature conservation, geographical distribution
QH540-549.5          Ecology
S622-627                Soil conservation and protection
S900-972                Conservation of natural resources Including land conservation
TD169-195              Environmental protection, environmental pollution, environmental effects of industries

                                and plants

TD419-428              Water pollution
TD878-894              Special types of environment Including soil pollution, air pollution, noise pollution
TJ163.26-163.5       Energy conservation
TJ807-830               Renewable energy sources

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