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TCC Libraries Dashboards

Library Collections

The physical and electronic collections of the College are curated to support the research needs of the curricula. Materials are selected based on the Collection Development Policy.

  • Collection data is maintained by Cataloging and Technical Services in Alma.
  • Acquisition information is maintained by Cataloging and Technical Services in eVA.
  • ACRL report statistics: $ one-time purchases, $ ebooks, $ serials (on-going commitments), $ ebooks (on-going commitments), e-journals (on-going), $ all other materials/services 
  • ACRL report statistics: # books (title count), # books (volume count), # ebooks, # media, # digital media, # serials, # digital serials, # contributions from consortia

Need to provide:

  • Overall numbers for campuses, including new titles and withdrawals
  • Acquisition (financial) info by campus
  • Collection numbers for areas as related to programs, Pathways
  • Age info
  • Special Collections: serials, reference, reserves, oversize, career, etc.