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History of Native Americans

November is Native American Heritage Month

"It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story." – Tribe Unknown


Native American Heritage Month is celebrated each November as a way to recognize and celebrate the heritage, customs, and contributions of the native inhabitants of the United States.  

Through reading and films, exhibits and local events, we are encouraged to not only learn more of a proud and often painful history, but to embrace and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of this cultural group of Americans.

What can you do to embrace the spirit of this monthly celebration?  Allow yourself to become better informed and culturally aware.

  • Search your library holdings for options of books, ebooks, and films.
  • Search websites for articles, videos, interviews, etc.  Academic Search Complete is a valuable general database.  Additional suggested websites can be found on the Home tab under websites.  Try combining terms such as:
    • Native Americans and:  military, politics, medicine, culture, arts, sculpture, dance, the drum, reservations, etc.
    • Individuals or Groups:  The name of a tribe (Apache, Cherokee, etc.), a member of a tribe (Geronimo, Sitting Bull, etc.), a noted artisan, scholar, musician, scientist, poet, windtalkers, etc.
  • Google Scholar:  try searching phrases such as Native American ceremonial drum; famous Native American poets; etc.
  • Check local libraries and other local organizations for speakers, exhibits, presentations and demonstrations.  Try to attend one or more.

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