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Information Literacy Resources: Home

Resources for TCC faculty and staff regarding Information Literacy competencies.

Introduction: Information Literacy

Welcome to the Information Literacy Resources LibGuide for TCC faculty and staff. Here you will find a variety of information about information literacy topics such as: active learning, creating course content, discipline-specific resources, and tutorials.

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"Career Ladder" by Geralt is in the Public Domain, CC0

**This guide is inspired by the Library Juice Academy course: New Directions in Information Literacy: Growing Our Teaching Practices (Summer 2014)**

Information Literacy @ TCC

The TCC General Education Assessment Plan characterizes the core competency of "information literacy" by the following description:

"A person who is competent in information literacy recognizes when information is needed and has the ability to locate, evaluate, and use it effectively. TCC graduates will demonstrate the ability to determine the nature and extent of information needed; access needed information effectively and efficiently; evaluate information and its sources critically and incorporate selected information into his or her knowledge base; use information effectively, individually or as a member of a group, to accomplish a specific purpose; and understand many of the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and access and use information ethically and legally."