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Topic: Memorial Day

In honor of our fallen or MIA military men and women

Image:  Missing Man Table

  • The white tablecloth symbolizes the purity of intentions to respond and serve their country.
  • The black napkin symbolizes the emptiness the fallen/missing soldier left in the hearts of loved ones.
  • The round placemat symbolizes the circle of everlasting concern of loved ones.
  • The red rose stands for the family with faith and love for those who served.
  • The yellow ribbon is for the loyalty in waiting for those who served.
  • The inverted glass symbolizes the fact that the fallen/missing soldier can no longer enjoy a toast.
  • The lemon slices symbolize the bitter loss of the fallen/missing soldier.  
  • The salt symbolizes the countless tears for the soldier who can no longer calm our fears.
  • The candle stands tall on the table to represent vigilance and hope.
  • The empty chair symbolizes the fallen/missing soldier who can't be here with us.

Images:  Emblems for the Branches of the US Military

"Set for ONE, For ALL to remember."