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Brainfuse After-Hours Tutoring

Do you need tutoring assistance, but it's late at night or on the weekend, and the campus tutoring centers are closed? Don't worry! Brainfuse tutors are available to assist you.

Brainfuse is an online tutoring service where you can meet virtually with professional tutors in the evenings and on weekends when the campus tutoring centers are closed. You are permitted up to 60 minutes per tutoring session and up to 120 minutes per semester, with an option to request additional tutoring time in Brainfuse if needed. To access Brainfuse tutors, simply sign in to Canvas and click the After Hours Tutoring button in the navigation menu. 

Brainfuse tutors are available during the following days/times:

Monday - Friday 7 p.m. - 11:59 p.m.

Saturday/Sunday 9 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.

In addition to virtual tutoring, Brainfuse has developed a series of academic tools to assist you as you progress in your studies. These tools are available 24/7.    

  • SkillSurfer: A comprehensive library of lessons and practice tests in a variety of core subjects
  • Flashbulb: A versatile flashcard tool with a library of content and creative features to refresh study habits
  • Brainwave: A space where students can develop and share notes

If you have questions about Brainfuse and its services, please contact one of the tutoring managers below.

Chesapeake Campus

Norfolk Campus

Portsmouth Campus

Virginia Beach Campus

Fred Valet

Wendy Pollard-Boyle

Johnny Davis

Joy Conner

Phone: 757-822-5143

Phone: 757-822-1134

Phone: 757-822-2349

Phone: 757-822-7736







Brainfuse Tips and Tricks

We want you to have a productive experience while working with the tutors in Brainfuse. Therefore, below are some tips/tricks to help you prepare for your tutoring experience and navigate Brainfuse more efficiently.

Preparing for a Tutoring Session

1. Gather all the materials you want to discuss with the tutor, such as essay drafts, instructions, class notes, and feedback from your instructor. If you're using a textbook, have it open to the relevant section or question.

2. Prepare questions in advance to guide your tutoring session. Think about the assignment requirements, what you've already done, and any difficulties you've encountered.

3. Find a suitable learning environment without distractions. Avoid places like the kitchen, living room, or bedroom where you may be tempted by other activities. Consider using a spare room or going to a coffeehouse to focus better. Remember to silence your phone.

4. Decide how you prefer to communicate with the tutor. The default mode for communicating with a tutor in Brainfuse is written chat, which allows you to think before typing your questions. However, if you prefer verbal communication, you can use the Tutoring with Audio feature in Brainfuse when you initiate the tutoring session.

Navigating Brainfuse

1. Familiarize yourself with the whiteboard in Brainfuse, which is the main tool for sharing information during a tutoring session.

2. Use helpful features like the equation editor for math or science classes, the "Snap-N-Send" feature in the mobile app for handwritten notes or document uploads, and the ability to upload files from your computer.

3. Watch a video on all the whiteboard features in Brainfuse to fully understand how to utilize them effectively.

4. Brainfuse offers more than just live tutoring. While Live Tutoring is available until midnight, Brainfuse provides study tools that are accessible 24/7. So even if you're studying late into the night, you can still utilize the available study tools without any time restrictions. Three of these tools are highlighted below:

  • Skill Surfer – A database that includes a library of lessons, instructional videos, and practice tests to aid in your studies.
  • Flashbulb – A flashcard tool for creating or using pre-made digital flashcards to prepare for assignments, quizzes, or tests.
  • Brainwave – A system for creating "movie-like" digitized notes while utilizing the features built into the whiteboard.

Steps on How to Access After-Hours Tutoring

1. Log into Canvas using your MyTCC login. 
2. Select the Canvas course for which you are seeking tutoring assistance.
3. On the navigation menu, click the After Hours Tutoring button.

4. Once on the Brainfuse landing page, find the box labeled Live Help.

5. In the dropdown menus, choose the topic and subject area that corresponds with your course.

6. In order to have the most successful tutoring session, we strongly recommend selecting the "Tutoring with Audio" option to allow you to verbally converse with the tutor. 

7. Click Connect to initiate your tutoring session. 

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