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Research: Step by Step

Cite Sources

You're almost there! You've created your research strategy, found your sources, made sure they're credible, and now it's finally time to work on the actual assignment. You'll be required to properly cite your sources. Citing your sources allows the reader to see where your information came from and follow scholarly conversation (which you have now joined!)

The first step is figuring out what citation style you will be required to use. Check your assignment or ask your professor. The two most common citation styles are:

  • MLA: Often used in English and the humanities
  • APA: Often used in the sciences

Although both styles use generally the same information to cite, there are differences in their formatting, so it's important to know from the start which style you are expected to use.

Citing your sources requires you to note where your information came from both in the text of your paper and at the end of your paper

For more information on how to cite, the Purdue Online Writing Lab is a comprehensive resource covering both MLA and APA formats. The OWL will be able to help you cite nearly anything that you are using in your paper, both in-text and in your works cited page.

For more information on citing sources, check out our citation guide.

That's it! You've completed the research process. But if you want to be extra diligent, we've got a few extra links that might be of help you to. Follow along one last time to Additional Resources.