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Research Step by Step

Terms to Know

After reviewing the "Terms to Know" chart, you should be able to define key terms which are necessary for effective library research.Terms and Definitions

Types of Sources​

After reviewing the "Types of Sources" chart, you should be able to list at least one characteristic of each type of source (general articles, academic journal articles, and book/eBooks).

Types of Sources

Navigating the Library Website (3:39)

After watching the "Navigating the Library Website" video, you should be able to access various library resources such as Ask A Librarian and Research Guides.

Video created by TCC Librarians, September 2019. Licensed under  CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Databases for Choosing a Topic

Several library databases include a "Browse by Topic" section, which can be used to help you select a topic or subtopic.

Websites for Choosing a Topic

Some websites provide lists of topics. Remember to search library databases for credible information on your selected topic.