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A-Z Database List  

The A-Z Database List provides a powerful interface for your patrons to browse, sort, search, and share your library's research databases. Behind the scenes, it also gives you a bunch of helpful tools to make managing your databases easier.

  • Import / update databases from a spreadsheet or Serials Solutions/Intota.
  • Organize and filter databases by subject category, type, and vendor.
  • Improve search results by adding alternative names or keywords to databases.
  • Profile your new, trial, and popular databases to improve discovery.
  • Inform users of permitted uses for each resource with customizable license permissions.

Adding a video/ help file to the database list

Full-text journals, magazines, newspapers, and more covering all fields of study.
<ul><li style="margin:0px;"><a href="link to  video"> Title of video(video 2:57)</a></li></ul>

Full-text journals, magazines, newspapers, and more covering all fields of study.
<ul><li style="margin:0px;"><a href="link to website"> Title of website (website)</a></li></ul>





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color: #000; cursor: text; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 10px;

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Code for the Icon Legend Modal


<!-- Trigger the modal with a button -->
<div style="border:0px solid #cccccc;padding:5px 10px;"><button class="btn btn-info btn-lg" data-target="#myModal" data-toggle="modal" type="button">Database Icon Legend</button><!-- Modal --></div>

<div class="modal fade" id="myModal" role="dialog">
<div class="modal-dialog"><!-- Modal content-->
<div class="modal-content">
<div class="modal-header"><button class="close" data-dismiss="modal" type="button">&times;</button>

<h4 class="modal-title">Legend</h4>

<div class="modal-body">
<p><img alt="Opens a new window" loading="lazy" src="" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /> <span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;">Opens in a new Window</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="Abstracts/Citations Only icons" loading="lazy" src="—Pngtree—classic_quote_icon_commas_with_4351489.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /> Abstracts/Citations Only</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="e-books icon" loading="lazy" src="" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /> E-Books</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="Foreign Languages icon" loading="lazy" src="—Pngtree—planet_earth_vector_icon_3728954.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /> Foreign Languages</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="Images icon" loading="lazy" src="—Pngtree—image_icon_isolated_on_background_5219381.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /> Images</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="Magazine icon" loading="lazy" src="" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /> Magazines</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="newspaper icon" loading="lazy" src="" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /> Newspapers</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="open access icon" loading="lazy" src="" style="width: 32px; height: 36px;" /> Open Access</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="primary resources icons" loading="lazy" src="" style="width: 28px; height: 28px;" /> Primary Sources</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="Scholarly/Peer Review icon" loading="lazy" src="—Pngtree—cartoon_hand_drawn_gradient_graduation_5347162.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" /> Scholarly/Peer-reviewed</span></span></p>

<p><span style="font-size:16px;"><span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;"><img alt="Video icon" loading="lazy" src="" /> Videos</span></span></p>

<div class="modal-footer"><button class="btn btn-default" data-dismiss="modal" type="button">Close</button></div>