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Adding the Slide out Ask a Librarian Button

1. Create the widget.

2. You can create a new widget or edit an existing  widget

3. Clicking on the Create Widget button will bring up a screen with a form for you to select the option for your widget.

            LibChat Widgets Explained 

            LibChat: View embed code and direct links for chat widgets  

            LibChat: Create and customize a slide-out (i.e. side tab) chat widget

4. After you fill out the form, save it and click on go back to the widget list.

5. From the Chat Widget List you should see the widget you created.

6. Click on the View Widget Code icon.


7. You will see the Embed screen.

* You can also get a direct link to the Chat form that can be launch outside of the chat widget

8. Copy the script code to be placed in the CSS file.

9. Go to the LibGuide Module. Click on the Admin dropdown and choose groups to click on

10. Script file has to be inserted into the CSS file of the groups you want the slide-out widget to appear.  We have the script in all of our public groups except the LibraryPage group (we have the" Ask a Librarian logo on the homepage)"which only contains the Library Home page.

11.  Click on the Custom JSS/CSS tab

12. Paste the script copied from the edit widget screen in LibAnswers and save the file.

This is the magnified screen of the script file position.

Remember this procedure has to be done for each Group