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Adding Metadata aka know as adding a course to a Guide

LTI metadata can be found under LibGuides > Admin > Metadat & URLS

Metadata Fields

  • ID - Assigned at creation
  • Metadata Name - lti
  • Metadata Name - course and number with college id number TC295.  example: TC295.HIS.121 Sometimes, you have to add the section numbers.  For the CST course designation is used for Speech, Theater and Communication courses.  We have a guide for Theater and Public Speaking so the sections have to be added.
  • Public - this is checked to display the guide
  • Object Type - is Guide.  
  • Object ID - is the Guide ID number
  • Object Name - is the name of the Guide as list in LibGuides

Metadata List

Creating a Metadata Record

Add the fields and click on save.

If a course in Canvas course doesn't have a guide link to it,  the LIbrary Resources link will direct to Research Step-by-Step guide.


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