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Check List


  • Refresh content at the beginning of the semester
  • Check for broken links. Use a link checker. Remember links in text boxes are not checked by the SpringShare link checker. You can use a Chrome extension to check links.
  • Update screenshots – do they reflect the current interfaces?
  • Check tutorials to makes sure they are updated and correct.
  • All pages should have friendly URLs.
  • Make sure correct group types and subject designation are used.
  • No excessive scrolling – reduce the amount of text. Make use of the Tabbed Box.
  • Profile photo with contact information. 
  • Resources are ordered by relevance.
  • Do not overwhelm the users with long lists of assets.                                      


Language, Voice and Tone

  • Uses a casual voice.
  • Uses active voice.
  • Uses future-friendly voice
  • Avoids library jargon.


  • Uses headings in the correct format.
  • The text is in short chunks of information.
  • Lists are following list standards.
  • Only links are underlined.
  • No all Caps. Avoid centering text.
  • Text align to the left.
  •  The font style is Arial and normal size is 14 px.
  • Heading are used and used correctly  - H3 is Arial 29px, H4 is Arial  18px and  heading are usually bold.
  • The text is imported into the text editor correctly.
  • Abbreviation and Acronyms are used and coded correctly.
  • Assets are reused and labeled correctly.
  • Document files follow WebAim standards for accessibility.


  • Links are not repeated in the main content that is in the navigation tabs.
  • Links have descriptive but concise language.
  • Labels are not generic.
  • Link are reused if they exist elsewhere.
  • Linked documents are accessible.

Images, Graphics, Video Content, and Audio

Images and Graphics
  • Images are not just for textual information.
  • Have alt text – 125 characters or fewer and should describe the image for users who can not see it.
  • Have attribution.
  • Have rights to use.
  • Images do not contain important and vital information.
  • Animated graphics not triggered by the user.

Video and Audio

  • Videos have captions and or a transcript.
  • Audio files have transcripts or a text equivalent.


If there are too many to delete and/or time consuming, send a help request to SpringShare.

In you help request include the site number which is 256. Ask for all zero count assets to be deleted expcept the  A-Z assets.

Merging Duplicate Assets   


      This document includes the downloadable template sending the assets to SpringShare


Procedure for creating a Duplicate Assess List 

 Make sure all you zero count assets have been deleted by you or SpringShare

  1. Download from the Assets screen 
  • Libguides > Content > Assets
  • Select the Asset Type (easier to work with one type at a time)
  • Select "Export all Records and choose CSV format
  • The CVS file will open in an EXCEl sheet, Always save as a CVS file.

Sort the File

  1. Delete columns labeled  Type, Description, Subject, and Update
  2. Do a custom sort  by URL - This will put duplicate URLs together

Finding the duplicate assets from the huge spreadsheet file

From the Home Ribbon

  • Select condional formatting
  • Select Highlighting Cell rules
  • Select Duplicate Values
  • Select cell highlighting - I usual do "Light Red Fill"
  • Sort file by higlighted cells
    • Sort by URL and Cell Fill
  • Delete all the non-higlighted asset records - The Highlighted record are at the bottom of the fileFormat all cell
  • Format all cells to text - I f you two assets alike, you can just copy and paste into the template bu if you have more than two duplicates of the same assets you will use the "TEXTJOIN: FUNCTION"
  • When you  send the temmplate to SpringShare, also request that they delete the zero count assets that the merge will create.



Checking for Broken Links

SpringShare has a link checker but it is hit and miss. It is located under Tools on the admin bar.

  • Run CheckLinker
  • Export to Execl
  • In an empty cell of the record row put in this formula  =HYPERLINK(D2,D20
  • Then use the Fill Hander to copy down the column

What if you can’t find the fill handle in Excel?

Don’t worry if the fill handle is not working in your Excel workbooks. There is an option to enable it (although it is enabled by default, it may happen that you disable it by mistake).

Here is how to enable the fill handle in Excel:

  1. Go to File –> Options.
  2. Select Advanced from the left pane in the dialogue to use fill handle in excel - advanced
  3. In the Editing Options section, ensure that you have the Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop option to use fill handle in excel - Enable Fill Handle
  4. Click OK.
  • After you get active hyperlinks, you can click on them to if the links are really broken
  • Highlight the broken links
  • To find the pages that links are on, use the Assets module and put the links in the filter to find the guide.