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Title of a "Container" and What it means

In MLA, information can be organized in a "container" like format.  A container is a work that contains a smaller work.  Examples are:

  • A newspaper contains articles.
  • A print anthology contains stories or essays. 
  • A website contains a specific webpage or blog post or other small thing.
  • A musical album contains specific songs.  
  • A TV series contains specific episodes.

One goal of MLA format is to use one's Works Cited page get the reader to the specific source within the container.  Just like map directions, when done correctly MLA format will tell the reader exactly where to go to find the source used in one's paper. That's why, when citing a source, it is important to be as specific as possible. 

The title of the overall container (often the website, newspaper or book title) is always in italics.  The title of the specific source, (often the article, webpage, song or essay title) is always in "quotes." 

The Above Container Looks Like This:

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