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Integrating Library Resources into Canvas

Guide Purpose

This purpose of this Guide is to provide information for faculty on integrating library resources into Canvas.

Condensed Step-by-Step Instructions for Linking to Resources from Canvas

Canvas Commons

Locating and Importing  Library Modules from the Canvas Commons

As librarians develop content and collaborate with faculty, content will be shared in the Canvas Commons under the tag "Tidewater Community College Library".  This content may be general in nature, specific to a course, or a scaffolded module that pairs with a course assignment. Due to a limitation in Canvas Commons, preview is not available for content until imported into your course. Once imported, content may be edited, deleted, or added to as necessary. 


Many thanks go out to Denise Woetzel, librarian from Reynolds Community College who graciously let  her Research Guide be adapted for TCC.

Content created by TCC Libraries is licensed as CC BY 4.0