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JUL Operating Manual

JUL Collections

The books, DVDs, A/V, computer equipment, and other collections are available for all who visit the Joint-Use Library. Although policy determines some limits to the amount of materials different types of patrons may check out, JUL staff exhaust all resources to ensure our students' and customers' needs are filled. The information below identifies where policies and procedures differ between TCC and VBPL and how we work together to make the most of our combined resources and services.

Classification Systems

VBPL uses the Dewey Decimal System, while TCC uses the Library of Congress Classification system. Here are conversion charts to help navigate between the two systems:

Staff must complete LC Wizard training. See your manager for access.

Floating vs. Static

The VBPL system has a floating collection. Instead of each branch owning certain library materials the library materials are shared throughout the system. Items may be checked out at one location by a customer who then returns it to another location. The items then stay at the second location. For this reason it is called a floating collection. This process provides a greater variety of materials for the customers at each location.

The TCC collection is static. Materials belong to a particular campus. Inter-campus loans may be requested, and patrons can return materials to any campus, but the items are shelved at their home campus only.


Shelving for both collections is completed by VBPL staff and volunteers and TCC work study students when available.

TCC Materials

Normal loan period for books: 4 weeks

Normal loan period for A/V: 1 week

Normal loan period for course reserves: depends on the item, but most are for in-library use only

Community members may check out up to 15 TCC items.

TCC-affiliated patrons may check out up to 30 TCC items.

Fines: No fines accrue, but patrons are charged for unreturned material.

VBPL Materials

Normal loan period for books, take home tech, TV series DVDs and nonfiction DVDs: 21 days

Normal loan period for entertainment DVDs and video games: 7 days

Regular full-service cards allow 30 VBPL items to be checked out at one time.

Teen library cards allow 3 materials of any type to be checked out at one time.

Fines: $.25 per day per item, $10 max per item (library cards are blocked once fines and fees exceed $10)


ILL, Holds, and Inter-campus Loans

TCC Inter-campus and Interlibrary Loans

TCC materials may requested for transfer between campuses by TCC- and VBPL-affiliated patrons. TCC faculty, staff, and students can request inter-campus loans in Primo, over the phone, or in person. VBPL patrons, community patrons, and VTC patrons must request inter-campus loans over the phone or in person.

VBPL Holds and Interlibrary Loans

VBPL materials may be requested for transfer between locations by VBPL- and TCC-affiliated patrons. Requests can be made in the catalog, over the phone, or in person.

Displays of library materials can be found throughout the building. The purpose of displays is to increase awareness of the collections, highlight interesting and timely topics, and increase circulation. TCC and VBPL materials can be used together for displays.

New Materials Display

  1. A few days after CTS brings a cart of new materials to the 2nd floor staff area for review, Tarena Caffee checks the items in and puts them on display with a due date of the first of the following month (e.g., if the materials come in on January 15, the due date is March 1.) Tarena will apply a circle sticker to the spine above the call number and bring the materials out to be shelved in the New Materials Display. (For the time-being, the stickers could be green, purple, or yellow. I’d welcome input on the type of sticker we should order in the future.)
  2. The printouts of items due back go to Chris, who will remove the display status, pull the items from the New Materials Display, remove the stickers, and put the items on the cart at the reference desk to be shelved. Chris may extend the due date of items if it appears the new book display area will be empty.

The JUL offers library customers an opportunity to share in the enjoyment of the visual arts, allows artists and community residents to share creative talents and enhances the visual environment in which library service is delivered. Exhibits are selected based on quality of work and appropriateness for display in a public space. 

The TCC and VBPL collections have special discipline areas and formats of materials.

TCC special collections include the following:

  • TEST - circulating study guides and practice materials for a variety of exams for professional and academic licensure, certification, etc., found near the reference collection across from the reference desk
  • LEGAL - The Legal Reference Collection includes The Southeastern Reporter and The Virginia Code.
  • ESL - Penguin Abridged and other ESL readers are shelved on a turnstile rack upstairs near the circulating collection.
  • Serials - Print journals, magazines, and newspapers are available for use in the building and can be found in the Living Room area and upstairs in the book stacks.
  • Media - TCC DVDs are shelved upstairs near the reference collection.
  • Reserves - materials kept as a separate collection in a closed stacks area behind the Welcome Desk. TCC faculty members may place materials needed for course assignments on reserve.

VBPL special collections include the following:

  • Video games
  • Take Home Tech
  • The public collection also contains foreign language children's books, some of which belong to TCC, and a selection of audiobooks.

Both TCC and VBPL offer a variety of databases with differing levels of access to different patron types. A cross-referenced list is available below.


Patrons sometimes want to donate materials (books, periodicals, media) to the library. Currently, unless the donation is from a TCC faculty member, all patrons wishing to donate materials should be referred to VBPL staff to be processed according to VBPL policies and procedures.

If the donation is from a TCC faculty member who requests adding the item to the TCC collection, refer them to the Director.

  • TCC-Affiliate Cards (student, faculty, staff)
  • TCC Community Cards
  • VBPL Cards for Virginia Beach Resident
  • VBPL Internet-Only Cards
  • VBPL Teen Cards
  • VBPL Cards for Non-Residents ($10 for 3 months or $35 annually)
  • of audiobooks.

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