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JUL Operating Manual

Spaces available for reservation

Throughout the building, there are spaces available to meet the needs of groups affiliated with TCC, VBPL, City of Virginia Beach, and the general public. Some of these spaces require reservation, and we have a variety of technologies available to help facilitate meetings, interviews, programs, and events.

All non-conventional requests must be approved by the Director. Examples of conventional requests are study rooms, VBPL programming, library meetings, and standard meeting room use. Nonconventional requests would require use of public spaces in the building (A/V Crystal, Living Room, etc.) and/or the use of A/V technology.

Use the checklist below to help plan events and ensure adequate communication with relevant parties.

Spaces & Services

The multi-purpose meeting room is a single room divisible by a folding partition into two spaces. They are shared spaces for gatherings of the College Community, City staff, and the general public. These spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The two meeting room(s) each hold up to 25 people (50 is the maximum capacity for the large space). Each has a teaching station with touchscreen, and two large TV monitors. There is a telecom system, and Webex video conferencing can be set up for TCC and VB meetings. The phone is for security and internal (TCC) calls only.

  • Contact: Syctrilas Littleton 
  • Who can use: TCC, VBPL, non-profit public
  • How to book: Email to check availability. 

The three (3) Library Classrooms provide the venue for library instruction classes to support the academic programs of the college. The College shall have the sole responsibility of scheduling the Library Classrooms. However, the City may have access to the Library Classrooms to meet the lifelong learning needs of the general public on a not-to-interfere basis with the academic needs of the College.


23 seats with PCs; 1 ADA desk with PC; teaching station with touchscreen and document camera; security phone, internal phone; whiteboard

  • Contact: Cleo Robertson (City programming), Brittany Horn (TCC needs)
  • Who can use: Primarily VBPL, can be used by TCC 


36 flexible seats for collaborative learning; 1 ADA desk; teaching station with touchscreen and document camera; security phone, internal phone; whiteboard

  • Contact: Brittany Horn
  • Who can use: TCC and VBPL


34 seats with PCs; 1 ADA desk with PC; teaching station with touchscreen and document camera; security phone, internal phone, 2 whiteboards on walls

  • Contact: Brittany Horn
  • Who can use: Primarily TCC 

The study rooms located throughout the JUL are dedicated spaces for study and work on collaborative projects. These rooms will be available on a first-come, first-served basis; they will be locked and available for checkout by Authorized Library Patrons.

All study rooms have a large TV monitor and a PC. Nine study rooms have webcams, all located on the second floor: 204, 208, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, and 216. Six study rooms are ADA-accessible: 108, 109, 117, 118, 213, and 214.

  • Contact: TCC or VBPL manager
  • Who can book: TCC, VBPL, non-profit public

The Joint-Use Digital Media Lab (L-123) is available to the public during working hours by reservation.

To make Reservations

  1. Customers may ask for a Tech Help request form
    • From staff at the Welcome Desk. Fill out and return the form to the staff.
    • Over the phone.
  2. Staff should review form with customer for information and legibility. The staff member will then turn in the form to Becky Day.
  3. A Library representative will call the customer, assess his or her needs, and assign a time to use the equipment and/or a staff member.
  4. This information is then logged in Outlook on the Programming Calendar.


  • 3-D Printer
  • Green Screen and green screen software
  • Camera
  • Movie Camera
  • Studio Lights
  • Audio Technica: used to convert vinyl records to mp3 format
  • Mac computer
  • Software types include:
    • Music
    • 3D printer
    • photo-editing
    • Audio Technica 

Auxiliary spaces require the approval of the Director for scheduling. The Director will clarify the requestor's needs, request A/V support, and work with VBPL management to assign hosts. The schedule is maintained on LibStaffer and/or Library Market. See also Events & Programming and Facilities & Building Use.

  • Contact: Brittany Horn 
  • Who can book: TCC, VBPL, non-profit public
  • How to book: Email Brittany Horn with the requestor's contact information and as much relevant information as possible about their program scheduling needs, including date and time, space requirements, and technology needs.

The A/V Crystal has a projector and screen. The PA system has a laptop with USB drives and Wi-Fi for users. Apple devices must have a conversion HDMI dongle. The soundboard has one wireless handheld microphone and one clip-on microphone. Usual set up is comprised of 4-top tables and chairs, but 100 folding chairs are available for alternative arrangements. Based on building plans, floor charts, and Facility's recommendations, the capacity for this space is 200 occupants.

Requests for use of JUL lobby space for tabletop displays, events such as voter registration drives, military recruitment, and charity donation boxes must be approved by the JUL Director. 

The Community Nook is managed by VBPL staff. Documents must be approved prior to posting.

The Living RoomLoftMain Street, and Marketplace are other auxiliary spaces that can have temporary technology and A/V set ups for programs and events sponsored by TCC or VB.

The staff conference room (L-105A) is available for meetings and interviews. The long table seats 10. The room has an MPS station, large screen TV, and a white board. Videoconferencing on Webex with webcams can be arranged in advance. The phone has normal calling capabilities.

  • Contact: Syctrilas Littleton and Cindy Alexander
  • Who can book: TCC and VBPL staff
  • How to book: Send a request to with dates and times (including set up and breakdown).

Within the children's room is a programming room used for storytimes and other programs of interest to youth. 

Notary Services are available by appointment.

When a customer asks on the phone or in person for notary service, please email Cindy Alexander ( and Ryan NeCollins ( with the customer's name, email, phone number, and what document(s) they want notarized.

In case someone requests urgent assistance when our notaries are not available, they can call the VBPL telephone reference number, (757)385-0150, to see if services are available at another VBPL location.

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