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JUL Operating Manual


Follow the chain of communication. Bring your concerns and questions to your supervisor first. Request a meeting higher up the chain of command if necessary. Communication between VBPL and TCC will occur between managers to resolve any issues. 

Management Team 

TCC: Brittany Horn (Interim Director, Coordinator of Academic Library Services), Tarena Caffee (Circulation Supervisor)

VBPL: Denise Walker (Community Services Manager), Sean O'Connell (Assistant Community Services Manager), Becky Day (Supervisor), Jane Keller (Library Assistant Supervisor), Mary Prisbrey

Governing Documents

The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is the document between TCC and the City of Virginia Beach that outlines the fiscal and management relationship that was created to run the JUL. It outlines spaces in the building, management positions and other operational aspects. The JUL Director and AVP for Libraries maintain up-to-date copies of the MOA.

See other relevant policies linked below.

TCC Library Policies

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