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JUL Operating Manual

Gate Counts

Gate counts are located on the shared TCC network drive and can be provided upon request by Brittany Horn. Kendra Hawkins sends these statistics monthly to VBPL managers as well.

VBPL access: The door counts are located in the JUL Gates Stats folder on the X drive. Dates are from Sunday to Saturday. Click on the latest date to ensure your get accurate numbers. Ex: If you are looking for the door count for August 25, you would select the September 3 Gate Stats file.

Circulation Systems


Statistics are run annually by the Circulation Team. Special reports can be run upon request.


Computer Management


Statistics related to log in counts can be run upon request.

Reference Transactions

Contact: Brittany Horn

VBPL captures reference statistics at week-long intervals quarterly. Manual counts are taken throughout these weeks, and statistics are provided from the online form.

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